• How to Avoid Repetition and Redundancy in Academic Writing


    A personal statement is not an academic essay, yet a formal piece of writing that is required during a job or an admission application process. It helps the recruiters and admission officers to choose the best candidates among many applicants. The professional paper writing service for college has the best writer to help us in writing. Therefore, the personal statement is focused on introducing the applicant to the application reviewing authorities. Yet, a personal statement is different from a resume in many ways. A resume is focused more on the presentation of a timeline of your life achievements; however, in a personal statement, you will have to showcase that side of your personality, which cannot be assessed through your academic grades and degrees.


    A personal statement is the most important document to be attached along with your application. The admission officers will assess your real personality through this document and will try to make a judgment on whether you are the most suitable candidate. Therefore, you should not take a risk with your statement; instead, hire a professional essay writer service who would help you with this important step of the application process.


     Repetition or redundancy of thoughts

    Most applications get rejected as the applicants do not plan their writing well. They cannot point out their specialties and repeat the same words or sentences again and again. Due to this, the readers get frustrated and you may even fail to impress the review officers.


    Bragging a lot

    Although a personal statement is a place, where you will have to "sell" your expertise, bragging would not do any good to you. To complete the word count, you might be exaggerating and repeating a few achievements a lot. However, you must keep in mind that you might be called for an interview, where you can be asked to prove all your claims. if you cannot write my paper in your own words then pay someone to write my paper.


    Mechanical and grammatical errors

    Since a personal statement is not an academic essay, therefore, applicants overlook the importance of grammatically correct and well-structured sentences. However, this might even result in the rejection of your application by the review officers.


    Amazing tips to be considered to avoid repetition inpersonal statement

    You might get stuck when writing this important document, therefore you can ask a professional to write my paper for cheap, to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes. The blog also offers some important suggestions on avoiding such mistakes which can negatively influence the application process.


    Properly outline the personal statement

    Many applicants start writing their statements without even formulating an outline. Therefore, Due to which, redundancy and repetition of ideas occur in their write-up, as they can figure out only a few complete sentences. Thus, to avoid redundancy, formulate a proper outline for your statement by following these steps.


    Read the instructions: This might sound obvious; however, this can save your statement from rejection. The instructions might be bounding you to follow a word limit or writing about a specific phase of your life. The word count will help you to limit the structure of your paper and formulate an outline accordingly.


    Prepare a draft: Keeping in view the instructions, create a rough draft in the form of main headings. For instance, you can divide the draft into three main headings, basing it on your life’s main events. The first heading should be based upon a general introduction of your personality, your previous schooling, and your academic achievements. The second heading should deal with the experiences that you have learned through previous jobs, volunteer projects, and community services. The last part of your paper; should be about your future goals, based on the degree selection, for which you are applying.


    Complete the outline: After preparing the draft, start adding information relevant to each heading in the form of subheadings, short sentences, and bullet points. The outline will save you from distracting away from the subject matter that is required to be written as per the given instructions. This is the most important step of the writing process; therefore, you should consult a online essay writing service, if you cannot properly outline your paper.


    The outline will also help you to arrange all the details in the relevant sections of the paper. Thus, you would not miss any important point that needs to be added to strengthen your statement. Thus, instead of repeating the same sentences, you will be able to sort the information in a convincing and logical order. The well-outlined paper will help the review officers to get to know you better, instead of getting confused due to the addition and repetition of irrelevant details.


    1. Review the personal statement

    To avoid repetition in your statement, read it multiple times and underline the mistakes in the first copy. Rewrite the statement and proofread it again. The activity will help you to make sure any idea or information is not written twice. write my paper online site is available on the internet.The proofreading will also point out any grammatical mistakes and structural errors, and eventually, you will be able to impress the review officers.


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